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Birthday: September 28

Growing up in a third world nation is challenging enough for anyone. But imagine adding to that the loss of both parents at a young age. This only increased the suffering that two young brothers were experiencing in Tanzania. Frank and his younger brother, Emmanuel, are bright and have done well in school. But the trauma of loss and the distress of very difficult living situations has taken a heavy toll on both of them.

Frank and Emmanuel have an older, married sister, who desperately wanted to help them and keep the family together. But sadly, her husband, an angry alcoholic, would not allow the boys to share their cramped living quarters. Thus the two boys ended up in an orphanage in Moshi, that looked good, at first glance. Spacious buildings dotted the orphanage compound, but the inner workings were corrupt. The government Welfare authorities closed the place down – a rare move in Tanzania, due to the shortage of beds for orphans, and only pursued when the circumstances are undeniably bad.

Frank, 15, was in his second year of Secondary School when he came to live at Treasures of Africa. He had been attending a government Boarding School located 1½ hours outside of Moshi in the town of Mwanga. He was such an excellent student that even though his school fees had not been paid, the teachers insisted he be allowed to remain. The previous orphanage had lapsed in paying his school fees and his sister had no money to help keep him in school. We stepped in and paid his outstanding balance with the school from the previous academic year and caught up with his bill for the current year. We bought him clothes and school shoes, and sent him back to Secondary School with a clean slate. Frank was overjoyed.

Frank uis now in his last year of Seconday School, and we are glad to have the opportunity to encourage him in his studies and help give him vision for his future. Without the help of Treasures of Africa, he would be struggling to survive as a teenager on the street. We are hoping to find an Academic sponsor to assist us in helping Frank to finish school.


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