The AIDs epidemic in Africa has resulted in a myriad of tragedies, not the least of which is the multitude of orphaned children. The Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, has the highest incidence rate of AIDs in that nation, and with that, comes many children in desperate need of food, shelter and the love of God. UNICEF currently estimates the number of orphans within the nation of Tanzania to be over 3 million. To help combat this tragedy, Hidden With Christ Ministries opened the doors to TREASURES OF AFRICA CHILDREN'S HOME in March 2007.

HISTORY OF TOAThe Vision of Treasures of Africa Children’s Home

A place where an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child finds refuge and healing for his broken spirit, soul and body.

A place of safety where being a child is a joyful and love-filled experience.

A place where a top quality education is received that prepares each child to be successful in a high-tech world.

A place where each child is encouraged to dream big dreams about his or her future without restrictions and is helped to achieve those dreams.

A place where future leaders of the nation of Tanzania are trained for service to their fellow man.

A place where each child is introduced to the loving God who created them and has a divine purpose for their lives.

Treasures of Africa Children’s Home is a project of Hidden With Christ Ministries (www.hiddenwithchrist.org). Hidden With Christ Ministries is an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the USA and is also a REGISTERED NGO (non-governmental organization) in the United Republic of Tanzania. Donations made to HWCM for the Treasures of Africa Children’s Home are tax deductible under the law in the USA. We verify that no goods or services are given in exchange for you tax deductible donations.