Tiny Treasures Update

Joshua 400Joshua came to Treasures of Africa in July 2019 as a newborn baby only a few weeks old. We showered him with love and affection as well as good nutrition and care. He thrived and both the staff and children adored our newest and youngest addition. We had been told that Joshua was abandoned at the hospital by his mother when she could not pay the hospital bill. After TOA hired an investigator, we discovered the whereabouts of the mother and she expressed that she wanted her baby. There is no father in the picture and her ability to support herself, her two-year-old and little Joshua is questionable. But the Welfare authorities took the mother’s request to be reunited with her child seriously, as the “Law of the Child” in Tanzania requires. On April 2nd Joshua was officially reunited with his mother. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to lay a foundation of love and care in Joshua’s life, but we are asking for prayer for this family.



Christina 400Christina was born three and a half months premature in December of 2017 weighing just over three pounds. Her mother abandoned her after her untimely birth. After a three and half month stay in the hospital, she was brought to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home. She was tiny and weighed only five pounds. It was obvious from the start that Christina had neurological deficits, undoubtedly a result of her extremely premature birth. She will be two and a half years old in June, yet she cannot walk, crawl or talk. We remember when Awadhi (now 14) was three years old and he began walking. It was truly a miracle. Jeremia (now 15) didn’t speak until he was nearly four years old, another miracle. We are asking you to join with us in prayer for this precious child. God is able to raise her up with His miraculous power!



Baraka 400Baraka came to Treasures of Africa at the age of two years. A neighbor had reported to the Welfare authorities that a small child was wandering around at all hours unsupervised and unfed. The house he lived in was a known “drug house.” Baraka’s father was often completely intoxicated and his mother had abandoned him. When he came to Treasures of Africa his behavior could easily be described as wild and undisciplined. It was clear that no one had taught him anything and he had been left completely on his own. It took time to teach him to sit still, to hold a spoon to eat, and to obey the instructions of the adults now in his life. With a lot of love and consistent discipline, Baraka has made amazing strides. He has responded beautifully to having consistency and security in his life. If you saw Baraka today (now three years old) – you would see a child with a lot of joy!



Adam 400Adam came to Treasures when he was two months old. His mother had been hospitalized in the psychiatric ward and was deemed unfit to care for him. He will turn one year old on May 18th. Adam has thrived in the loving atmosphere of TOA and has grown and developed well. He loves to pull himself up into a standing position and looks like he just wants to take off running! We are glad to have the privilege of caring for Adam and providing him with a safe and secure place to live. Please pray for his mother. If she is unable to take him back into her care, it is our hope that the Welfare Authorities will legally free him to be adopted. Please pray for God’s will to be done in Adam’s life regarding this matter.      



Rose 400Rose was a premature infant whose mother died not long after giving birth. After several months in the hospital, Rose was brought to Treasures of Africa. Concerned that her mother might have passed on the disease which killed her to the tiny baby, Rose has been tested numerous times. We thank God she is 100% clear and is a perfectly healthy and strong 2 ½ year old! Rose is full of spunky personality and always has a mischievous twinkle in her eye and an amazing smile on her beautiful face. She is also very smart and we are sure she will excel once she begins school. Rose truly brings great joy to our house!




Mark Thomas 400Mark Thomas is our “miracle boy.” He came to Treasures of Africa as a four-month-old and turned one year old at the end of February. Not long after his birthday he began having intestinal difficulties that our nurse could not resolve. We took him to a local trusted doctor and he immediately diagnosed him as having a blocked intestine which was protruding through a herniation in his belly button and needed immediate surgery or he would die. At the hospital the surgeon confirmed the diagnosis and prepped him for surgery. While our TOA nurse Elizabeth was signing the final consent for surgery documents, she heard a gurgling sound and looked over at Mark. The swelling at his belly button had gone down. The surgeon re-examined him and was stunned. He cancelled the surgery and sent him home. God answers prayer! We had sent word to our intercessors via email when we first heard the diagnosis and within a few hours – our miracle boy was perfectly healed!

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    We can only imagine the anguish of a young mother in Africa who feels she cannot adequately care for her newborn son. Her desperation must have been overwhelming to do what she did on that day. Perhaps she was a single mother with no money and no extended family to help her. We don’t know for sure. All we do know, is that she bravely carried her bundled child to a local church in Moshi, Tanzania and stood in a prayer line. After waiting for a while, as a visiting Bishop prayed for those who patiently stood in line, she asked a nearby woman if she would hold her baby Read More
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