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Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The Lord rescues them when they are in trouble. Psalm 41:1 NLT

One of the joys we experience at Hidden with Christ Ministries, is seeing the fruit of the generosity of so many donors who are “kind to the poor” as expressed in the scripture above. All who have donated to help educate poor children in Tanzania through our Treasures of Africa KIDZ project, can experience the same joy as they follow their progress in school and see their photos as they mature through the years.

In early July, we visited Treasures of Africa students who are schooling at two different boarding schools. Our first visit was to Hai Vocational Training Centre in Bomang’ombe, Tanzania. We have four students currently attending: Antoni (left) – studying Electrical Installation, Sabetina (second from left) – studying Food Production, and Jeremia (third from left) and Justice (right) studying Carpentry.



Our second visit was to the city of Arusha, where we have five students attending one of the top Primary Schools in the Region – L. Vincent Primary School. It was “Visiting Day” for the boarding school students. Our students just started attending this school in January, which is the beginning of the 2022 Tanzanian school year. Esther and Deborah are in Grade 6, Christina and Michael are in Grade 5, and Samuel is in Grade 4. When asked if they liked their new school, they shouted in unison, “YES!” They mentioned better food and nicer teachers as the main reasons. They all seemed genuinely happy and comfortable in their new surroundings. (Esther was away from school for an eye doctor appointment on this particular day). Pictured below: Esther (left), Deborah (second from left), Christina (third from left), Michael (fourth from left) and Samuel (right).


We are so grateful to all our TOA KIDZ donors who help these (and many other) children receive an excellent education in Tanzania and give them hope for the future! You can donate to the EDUCATION FUND on either of our websites:  OR


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