Over the past several years we have had many different “His Daughters Day” events for our Treasures of Africa girls at the Mission House. We started first with our older girls, wanting to create an environment where they could experience God’s healing love in a special way and to create a safe place for them to talk about things that were troubling them.

A Special DayAs our older girls started attending college in different places (often far apart), and with a variety of different school schedules, it became harder and harder to get them all together in one place at the same time to continue these events. So, I just put everything on hold for a while.

That changed when the younger girls reminded me that they were “His Daughters” too and wanted to know when they were going to have a special day like the older girls. After seeing the fruit from our first His Daughters Day with our younger girls, we decided to do these events on a regular basis. It has been so sweet to see how the girls are retaining what they are learning about the Lord and to observe the openness that is happening in their hearts.

It was not long after we did our first event for our younger girls, that our younger boys very demonstratively asked for a special day of their own, just for boys! So once again, we decided to start hosting “His Sons Day” events at the Mission House too. We had our first one just a few months ago and it was so great to see their responses.

I was amazed at how engaged they were. They were asking and answering questions and were so receptive. I was actually astonished at their openness and also how much they knew about the Lord. We had a wonderful and memorable time with the boys and God really knitted our hearts together.

During prayer ministry time, the Lord showed up in a very sweet and Fatherly way as He ministered His heart to them. It was full of joy, laughter, love and healing. It is a blessing to see how God is using these special days together with the kids to do a beautiful work in their hearts. We are seeing such good fruit that we will continue to do these events with both our younger girls and our younger boys, knowing that God is building a strong foundation of His love and His truth in their lives and connecting hearts to His. Thank you for your continued love and support for Treasures of Africa Children’s Home that helps make days like these possible for our kids!

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