All I Want For Christmas

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming in just a few short weeks.

At Treasures of Africa Children’s Home, we don’t have the elaborate Christmas celebrations common in America, but what we do share is always meaningful and fun for the children and they certainly look forward to it!

It all begins on Christmas Eve when the Treasures children receive new pajamas and gather at the Mission House to watch “The Nativity” movie, sip hot cocoa and eat special Christmas cookies and popcorn.

Then, the moment they have been waiting for arrives…they are allowed (one by one) to climb the staircase where the Christmas stockings are hung to search for the stocking with their name on it. The giggles during the stocking search are priceless!

Last year was 4-year-old Hamidu’s first Christmas with us. He loved every minute of it as it was his first Christmas experience ever since his family did not celebrate Christmas. This year, we have 5 children who will be experiencing their first Christmas with us and we know it will bless them so much!!

On Christmas morning, everyone goes to church dressed up in their new Christmas clothes. When they arrive home after church, they are full of anticipation because it is the time when each child receives a personal Christmas gift. Then the children and staff share a traditional Tanzanian Christmas Feast which often includes a roasted goat!
Each year we try to buy a group gift for the orphanage when possible. If you personally asked me what I want for Christmas this year…my response would be…

PlaygroundAll I want for Christmas… is a Teeter Totter for the younger children and a Ping Pong Table for the older kids at Treasures of Africa!

If you would like to contribute to the TOA Christmas Fund – we will use the donations to purchase these large gift items and if more than enough is received, we will add an additional piece of playground equipment. There is a charitable organization that we found in the city of Arusha that fabricates very durable playground equipment and gives jobs to young adult orphans to learn that trade. We plan to order both items from this organization. The Teeter Totter is a heavy-duty model designed for schools and the cost is $750. (see photo) The ping pong table is designed for outdoors and has a concrete base and top and should last for years!

You can donate online and choose “Christmas Fund” from the drop down menu under “Select Campaign” - Click to Donate Now. Or just send a check to our office address at P.O. Box 3267 Tustin, CA 92781

Thank you for your love and generosity toward Treasures of Africa Children’s Home. We wish you a wonderfully blessed Christmas season!

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