Meet the Children of Treasures of Africa



Birthday: January 13

We can only imagine the anguish of a young mother who feels she cannot adequately care for her newborn son. Maybe she was a single mother with no money and no extended family to help her. All we do know, is that she bravely carried her bundled child and stood in a prayer line at a local church in Moshi, Tanzania. After waiting for a while, as a visiting Bishop prayed for those who patiently stood in line, she asked a nearby woman if she would hold her baby for a moment. Then she disappeared, leaving a bag of baby clothes and her child in the arms of a stranger.

We are grateful for the sake of the child, that the mother didn't leave him abandoned in a field or other place where he could have potentially been harmed. Instead, she brought him to a safe place. Church leaders turned the child over to the Welfare authorities who in turn called Treasures of Africa Children's Home. Our pediatrician estimated the child to be three months old. He came to live at Treasures on April 13, 2016.

Baby Baraka James (Baraka means "blessing" in Swahili) joined our six month old J.J. (John Joseph) in the "baby room" at Treasures of Africa. We trust that these two boys will grow into great playmates.


We are thrilled to report that Baraka now has a FOREVER FAMILY!


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