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Birthday: December 15

Our orphanage Chaplain at Treasures of Africa, Christina Oberst, was at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center for a clinic appointment with one of the TOA kids when she ran into a lady doctor that she knew. Dr. Esther told her that the police had just brought in a tiny abandoned infant that was found in the trash. She wanted to know if Treasures of Africa would take in the child. Christina took the child in her arms and just wept.

Gabriella came to live at Treasures of Africa Children's Home on January 30, 2014. Though no one knew her date of birth or the family she belonged to, God had seen her the day she was born. And He had planned for her safety and care by making sure that she was found before she died alone in that trash can. We know that her coming to Treasures of Africa was truly a divine appointment. Two days before she was found, our Executive Director, who was back in the U.S. at the time, had a dream about finding two abandoned babies - who had been discarded like "trash." Then Gabriella was found by the police and Treasures of Africa was asked to care for her.

Time passed and Gabriella grew, and began to smile, laugh, crawl, and eventually walk. All her “firsts” were cheered and Gabi thrived on the love and attention she was receiving at Treasures of Africa. Meanwhile, the wonderful Christian Pediatrician who had cared for her in the hospital began to make "house calls" and followed Gabi's progress. She had felt God speak to her when she treated her in the hospital, that she was to adopt the little baby girl. So not long before Gabriella's 2nd birthday in December 2015, Dr. Esther and her husband Clint, received the word from the government that the long legal paperwork battle was finished. They brought Gabriellla home for Christmas.


We are thrilled that Gabriella, whose name means "God is my strength," now has a FOREVER FAMILY!

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