Meet the Children of Treasures of Africa


Charity Joy

Birthday: January 1

In January 2017, a tiny baby girl was brought to Treasures of Africa. She had been abandoned in a public outhouse in a rural village. An elderly woman who had gone to use the toilet heard her weak cries. She was a newborn weighing less than 5 pounds.

After being examined at the hospital, she was eventually brought to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home. This tiny treasure was instantly the center of attention of both our staff and children. She has been loved on, prayed over and carefully fed and changed and accepted as a full-fledged family member! Since we had the privilege of naming this precious child, we decided on “Charity Joy,” in order to speak the opposite of what she experienced in that rough beginning. We believe that love and joy will be the hallmarks of her life. She has already brought joy to the house at Treasures of Africa!


We are thrilled to report that Charity Joy now has a FOREVER FAMILY!


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