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Birthday: March 20

Three Primary School students were headed to school one morning in Moshi, Tanzania, when they heard the faint cry of a baby. They stopped and looked around. There were no other people in the area and they wonderedwhere the cry could be coming from. Suddenly, they spied a bundle on the ground under a tree. When they drew near, they realized that someone had abandoned an infant in the dirt. They saw that it was tiny baby boy whose tender skin was being gnawed by ants. They wasted no time in running to find help, instead they bravely scooped up the helpless child and walked with him to the nearest hospital. They turned the child over to the first nurse they could find.

The baby was a newborn, not more than a few days old, with the umbilical cord still attached. With no name and no family claiming him, he was destined to be turned over to the government Welfare authorities and placed in an orphanage. A Christian pediatrician at the hospital who was very familar with the work of Treasures of Africa, called and let us know of the new arrival. We visited the baby in the hospital nursery where he was being treated with anti-biotics for the extensive ant bites on his neck and foot. We spoke with the hospital social worker and informed her that Treasures of Africa was ready to accept the child upon discharge.

Baby David Joseph came to live at Treasures of Africa on April 14, 2014. We had the privilege of naming him after two Biblical figures who overcame great obstacles to become men of great destiny. Young David overcame the giant Goliath and Joseph overcame the rejection of his brothers who sold him into slavery to become the Prime Minister of Egypt. We believe Baby David will become a man of great destiny. Treasures of Africa is committed to raising him with love and calling forth the greatness in his life.


We are thrilled to report that David now has a FOREVER FAMILY!


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