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Birthday: February 26

Jessica joined the TOA family on June 18, 2014. Jessica's mother was a very young and troubled teenage girl who was living in a local center for "street kids". We know nothing of Jessica's father and it is not clear if the mother even knows who the father is. When Jessica was born she was immediately placed in a "baby home" - an orphanage that specializes in caring for infants and young children, but only keeps them until they are five years old.

When Jessica turned five, she officially "aged out" of that orphanage. Her mother was still unable to care for her, so the Welfare authorities were desperate to place her in an orphanage that cared for older children. They asked Treasures of Africa to take her and we could not turn her away. It is our deepest desire to make sure that little Jessica doesn't feel like she is being shifted from one institution to another - but instead that she has become part of a big family. Will you pray for her young heart to be healed of any sense of rejection or loss and pray for our staff and the other children that they will be able to provide the love that she desperately needs to feel safe and secure?

Since all the other TOA children are in school during the daytime hours (with the exception of our two infants) we have had to hire someone to work with Jessica on preschool prep to prepare her for entering first grade in January. This is an additional staff expense that we were not planning on. But it is vital to get her ready for school especially if we are going to send her to an English Medium school. There is A LOT of tutoring that will need to be done with little Jessica! If you would consider becoming a monthly sponsor for Jessica - it would be a tremendous help and an investment in giving Jessica a future and a hope! Thanks!


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