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Birthday: May 8

Awadhi is a special child. He was brought to Treasures of Africa after the death of his mother. His father was in prison. His uncle tried to take care of him, but soon found he was unable to do so due to the many challenges that Awadhi faced.

We learned upon his arrival that Awadhi was HIV positive. He was also very malnourished and weak, and though he was 3 years old at the time, he had never walked on his own. But not long after being surrounded by love and attention and given proper medical care and good nutrition, Awadhi began to gain strength and grow and soon was walking independently. But he also faced another challenge. We soon realized that he was not able to speak and after being examined by doctors it was determined that he was profoundly deaf.

Today Awadhi loves to run and play on the soccer field and kick the ball with his best friend Jerry. He requires daily medication for the management of HIV, but his immune system is now strong. He is currently attending a School for the Deaf, where he boards during the week and then comes home to his TOA family on the weekends. He is learning sign language as well as regular academic curriculum. He is a very smart little boy and not afraid to try to communicate even though he cannot speak words. Awadhi has the most tender of spirits and shows compassion to others with such gentleness. This little boy is inspiring to us all that through God’s help we can overcome any challenge.

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