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Birthday: December 13

Before he came to live at Treasures of Africa, we visited Antoni in the local hospital. His mother had brought Antoni to the hospital for treatment, but she was also seriously ill herself and tragically she died within 24 hours of arrival. With his father already dead, and no other known family to take care of him, five year old Antoni was left in the hospital all alone.

It was very obvious that he was malnourished and underweight for his age. His arms and legs were pencil thin and his abdomen was distended due to intestinal infections and liver enlargement. We soon found out that he was also ill with tuberculosis, and that he had had contracted HIV from his mother. We immediately fell in love with this little boy, who, despite being so ill, had a very energetic personality. The hospital arranged with the Regional Welfare Officer to have Antoni accepted into the Treasures of Africa Children’s Home. We received him with open arms.

After being able to receive adequate nutrition, medical care, and most of all, the love of God and a new family here at Treasures of Africa, Antoni has thrived. He requires daily medication for the treatment of HIV, but his immune system is now strong, and he is healthy and loves to run and play soccer with his TOA "brothers."

Antoni was happily reunited with his older brother Emmanueli and younger sister Tina, who also came to live at Treasures of Africa shortly after he did.

Antoni has demonstrated an amazing mechanical aptitude since he was very young. Over the years, he has taken apart more things at the orphanage than we can count! So when Antoni graduated from Primary School, we knew it was time to enroll him in a Vocational School where he could learn how to put things back together and make them work! So he was enrolled at Hai Institute of Technology and has enjoyed it so much. He has completed two full years studying electrical and solar technology and will complete two more years learning auto mechanics. He will be well equipped to earn a living doing something he really loves when he graduates.

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