Meet the Children of Treasures of Africa


Baby Christina

Birthday: December 8

The tiny baby came into the world in an East African hospital on December 8, 2017. She was premature, born at 28 weeks, and weighing just over 3 pounds. Her fragile life hung in the balance. Would she survive in this poorly equipped hospital without the modern medical equipment of a first-world Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? And did she know that her mother had abandoned her after her untimely birth?

By the grace of God, that tiny infant did survive. After three and half months in the hospital, she was transferred to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home in Moshi, Tanzania. She weighed only 5 pounds when she entered the gates of TOA, not exactly thriving after her lengthy hospital stay. But we are determined to turn that situation around.

She came with hospital paperwork that tagged her as “Baby Christina” after the mother who had deserted her. The authorities had no other information about the mother but that single name, “Christina.” No name of the father or extended family, and no contact information. And there was no one to ask, since the mother simply vanished from the hospital after giving birth.

We know that God has delivered this tiny treasure into our care for a season. We intend to pour out much love and prayers over her and give her the nutrition needed to help her to grow and gain strength. Because she is classified as “totally abandoned” by the Welfare authorities, she is available for immediate adoption.

Please pray with us her health to improve, and for a godly adoptive family to step forward and give Christina a loving “forever home.”

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