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Birthday: July 31

Diamond is a beautiful 10 year old girl who is excelling in Primary School. When she was a newborn infant weighing less than 5 pounds, she was found abandoned in a rural area in a pile of agricultural refuse. Though the authorities tried to find out who had abandoned her, no one in the area admitted to knowing anything. So there is no record of any family. She was brought to Treasures of Africa by the government welfare office. She had no name, but God knew her name. Immediately upon hearing her story, it was decided by the TOA administration that she would be called Diamond. For although she was found discarded in a pile of trash, we knew the true value and worth of this precious child.

Diamond has now been part of the Treasuress of Africa family for more than ten years. She is a gentle soul with a beautiful smile. She has the sweetest spirit and is always compassionate toward others.

We are excited to see what God is going to do through this precious child that He rescued from the trash pile. God has an amazing plan for her!

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