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Birthday: May 4

Doreen was 8 years old when she was brought to Treasures of Africa. Both of her parents and an older sister had died due to AIDS related illnesses. She was living in a one room mud house with her two older brothers, ages 12 and 18. They only ate when a neighbor was kind enough to give them food. Her 12 year old brother Innocent was brought to Treasures of Africa, but Doreen had run away, scared off by a neighbor who told her she didn’t want to see an orphan like her around. She was found the following night and brought to TOA to be with her brother in a safe, loving environment where she was wanted and cared for.

Today, Doreen is a teenager and has matured into a lovely young lady. She has leadership qualities and is now attending a Private Christian Secondary School where she is in her final year. Her goal is to attend college to study Business and Accounting. The Lord has good plans for this child and we are eager to see them come to pass.

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