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Birthday: March 3

Emmanueli is a young man with a striking smile. But behind that smile is a life that had very hard beginnings. His father died when he was very young. Prior to coming to Treasures of Africa, he was living with his mother in a rural village. His mother left one day to take his younger brother, Antoni, to the hospital in the city but she never came back. She was HIV positive and had fallen very ill and died while trying to get help for Emmanueli’s brother.

His brother Antoni was brought to live at Treasures of Africa directly from the hospital. But he and his half-sister Sabetina were waiting in their rural village for their mother to return, unaware that she had died. After it was discovered that Antoni had siblings back in the village, arrangements were made for Emmanueli and Sabetina to join their brother at Treasures of Africa and make a fresh start.

Emmanueli was 11 years old when he came to live at TOA, and he had never been to school and did not know how to read. He had to face the enormous challenge of starting first grade at the age when he should have been in the fifth grade. With help from our tutoring program here at the orphanage, Emmanueli learned to read. With a lot of effort on Emmanueli's part - he made tremendous progress in Primary School and was even able to skip a grade.

In December 2012, Emmanueli conquered the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a tremendous accomplishment for anyone and a rare one for a Tanzanian teenager. He had tried in December of 2011, but was prevented from making it to the summit due to altitude sickness. Showing tremendous personal resolve and perseverance, he joined the TOA Charity Climb team 12 months later, and got his victory.

Emmanueli passed the Entrance Exam for an excellent Secondary school called Living Stone Seminary. It is an all-boys Christian Boarding School with an excellent reputation for academics and character development. He successfully graduated from Livistone Boys Seminary which is an amazing accomplishment for a young man who didn't start school until he was almost 12 years old. Currently he is preparing himself for a college program in the medical field, which is a tremendous need in Tanzania.

Emmanueli loves to plays the bass guitar and the drums at church in his free time. We are excited to help him achieve independence and be self-sustaining through providing a college training program that will enable him to be employable and able to take care of himself and his future family. Currently we are seeking an Academic sponsor to assist us in paying for Emmanuel's college expenses.

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