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Birthday: April 11

A little 3 year old girl was found early one morning by a farmer, abandoned in his rice field in Tanzania, battered and bruised. She was suffering from exposure as she had spent the night in that cold, wet environment.

He contacted the police who took her to a government hospital in Moshi town. The police questioned her, and she knew only her first name, Esther. When asked who had brought her to that place, she replied, "Baba," which is the Swahili word for father. Her body shown signs of a beating. She spent nearly two weeks at the hospital recovering. Our pediatrician estimated that she was 3 years old.

The children at Treasures of Africa fully embraced little Esther from the day she arrived. She joined the "little girls room" having Jessica, Diamond, Maria and Zoe as her roommates. They were thrilled to have a new little sister join them. Right before we left to go and pick up Esther, we asked the girls to think of ways to make her feel welcomed. When we returned, we found that 7-year-old Jessica, had taken her one and only stuffed animal, that she had received for Christmas, and placed it on Esther's pillow to welcome her. We could have wept, seeing Jessica pass on the love she had received, to little Esther. She must have remembered what it felt like when she arrived at Treasures of Africa, just a few years before.

The day that Esther arrived at Treasures of Africa, she was taken by the hand of our older girls to play outside. She quickly learned to play “Duck, Duck, Goose” and loved running foot races and playing on the swings and slide. Watching her laugh as she played with the kids was pure joy. We were grateful she has such a resilient spirit considering all that she has been through. She quickly showed us that she has a spunky personality and is full of life. It was immediately apparent to everyone at Treasures of Africa that Esther fit right in.

Currently Esther is in enrolled in Pre-school at the same private school attended by all of our Primary School age children. She is learning English along with her native language of Swahili. She is bright and loves to learn and we are confident will continue to do well in school.


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