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Birthday: January 12

Glory was one of the first children to be admitted to Treasures of Africa when its doors first opened in March of 2007. She was 7 years old. Her father had died due to drug and alcohol abuse and her mother had abandoned her. She and her 9 year old sister Helena were living with very feeble grandparents and an alcoholic uncle who was dying from tuberculosis. Another family member, who was financially unable to care for them, but concerned about their well-being, brought their situation to the attention of the welfare department and Glory and her sister were brought to live at Treasures of Africa.

Glory just graduated from Secondary School and will enter Advanced Secondary School in May 2018. Advanced Secondary School is equivalent to 12th grade in the USA and prepares a student to enter University. She enjoys school and has consistently been a good student. Her desire is to become a doctor, so she will be studying the sciences in her Advanced Secondary School Program.

We believe the love and care that has been poured into Glory at Treasures of Africa will one day be used by God to bless others through her life.


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