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Birthday: September 29

Hamidu is a four year old boy with an infectious smile. However, when he first arrived at Treasures of Africa at age three, we saw more tears than smiles. He had been severely burned on his legs by scalding water and the Welfare officials believed that the burns were intentionally inflicted by his step-mother. There was evidence of previous serious burns on his arms as well. But the open wounds on his legs were so severe he could not wear pants and for weeks had to wear a dress so that the material did not cling to his third-degree burns.

Hamidu received medical treatment and as his burns healed and he began to feel safe at Treasures of Africa, his outgoing personality began to become evident. He is enthusiastic and full of life. Though from the choice of Swahili words he was using, it became evident to our staff that Hamidu had been running the streets of his village without supervision and had picked up the rough language of the street kids. But with the careful instruction of the TOA staff he is being in trained on what words are good and which are bad and how to speak kindly to the other children.

He is currently enrolled in Pre-school at the private school attended by all of our Primary School students. He is a fast learner and really loves school. We don’t know how long Hamidu will be with us at TOA, but we plan to surround him with love and godly training as long as he is here. He is already responding very positively to both the affection and correction that our staff is providing to him. Please pray for Hamidu and his father. The father does seem to love him and want him back, but at the same time he appears oblivious to (or in denial of) the wife’s abusive treatment of this child that is not her own.


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