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Birthday: February 6

Helena was brought to Treasures of Africa when she was 9 years old. Her father had died and her mother had abandoned her. She and her sister were living with an alcoholic uncle who was very ill and elderly grandparents who were unable to give her proper care and attention. She was brought to live at Treasures of Africa Children’s home along with her younger sister Glory as one of the first residents of the new children’s home.

Helena has been part of the Treasures of Africa family for more than ten years. She has successfully graduated from a Private Secondary School in Moshi. She loves school and is a diligent student. She appreciates her opportunity for an education and wants to be a nurse one day. She is currently enrolled in a college Pharmacy Technician Program at the local Regional Hospital which will give her the necessary pre-requisite courses for her to enter a nursing program.

Helena is very selfless, giving and generous with her time in helping others. She has a very quiet, sweet nature and always enjoys helping out around the house and helping with the younger children.

We believe she will make an excellent nurse and anyone who invests in Helena through the child sponsor program will be giving a gift to the nation of Tanzania and a future generation of students that she will influence. We are currently seeking an Academic Sponsor for Helena.


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