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Birthday: June 5

The story of Innocent’s life is one of dramatic change. His parents both died from AIDS 3 years apart, leaving him and his siblings orphaned. At the time of his mother’s death, Innocent was 11 years old, his brother was 17 years old and his little sister was only 8. They lived in a one room mud house and had no money or food. Innocent soon began running the streets, with no one knowing where he was most of the time. A pastor who was aware of his situation, asked if Treasures of Africa would take Innocent and his younger sister Doreen into the children’s home. The situation was discussed with the welfare department and it was agreed that the two siblings would come to TOA.

Innocent’s heart was hardened through the tragedies he had experienced and the life he learned on the streets. When he first arrived at TOA he was angered easily and often pushed the smaller children around, intimidating them and even threatened to hit his teacher. The orphanage staff began to implement structure and Biblical discipline into Innocent’s life. Realizing that he was now safe and loved, Innocent’s attitude changed. He became a completely different child, learning to obey his elders and treat others with respect and kindness.

Innocent could not even read at the age of 12 when he came to TOA, so he was started in the 2nd grade along with his younger sister. He soon learned to read and because of the change the Lord had made in his heart, his behavior changed dramatically and he became his teacher’s helper and an example to the other children in his class. He made steady academic progress through Primary School and now is in his 2nd year of Secondary School. That in itself is a miracle, since he had once been an orphaned "street kid" and the possibility of pursuing advanced education was nil.

He now dreams of one day becoming a pilot. If you would have met Innocent a few years ago, you would not believe he is the same person. An investment in Innocent’s life as his child sponsor - is an opportunity to participate in changing an orphan’s story!


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