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Birthday: March 15

Irene is a beautiful young lady with a radiant smile and loves to laugh. But just a few years ago, Irene had very little reason to laugh. She never knew her father. Her mother lived a very troubled life and gave birth to Irene when she was very young. She would often leave Irene for months at a time with her alcoholic grandmother. This created a very unstable life for such a young girl.

Soon her mother died of AIDS complications. Her grandmother became very abusive to her and she ran away, ending up at a home for street boys. The director of that home, feeling compassion for this hurting young girl, but knowing she couldn’t stay there, contacted us, and with the approval of the government welfare department, Irene was brought to Treasures of Africa.

Today Irene has grown into a lovely young lady who just reached a major milestone - she graduated from Secondary School - Level Form 4 - equal to grade 11 in the U.S. In Tanzania, a very small percentage of the population continues their education beyond Primary School. For orphaned children in Tanzania, the percentage is minuscule. For an orphaned child to complete Secondary School is a huge accomplishment. Irene will be continuing her education on to the Advanced Level of Secondary School in Tanzania, known as Form 5 and 6. This is preparatory for University education. Irene's dream is to become a lawyer.

Because it is the goal of Treasures of Africa Children's Home to raise up godly leaders for the nation of Tanzania, we desire to continue to support these orphaned children through the highest possible level of education. Your support will help Treasures of Africa help Irene to reach her goal!


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