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Birthday: March 24

Justice was born on March 24, 2007. His mother died shortly after his birth. The hospital did not have any information regarding other family members so he was taken to the Regional Welfare Office who in turn brought him to Treasures of Africa. We welcomed Justice here at TOA on July 13, 2007. Three months after Justice came to live at TOA, his father contacted the Welfare authorities and asked to see his son. We were asked to give him visiting privileges but he has not been allowed custody of his son. Justice’s father works independently selling alcohol that he makes himself, also known as “local brew”. The welfare authorities do not want Justice living with his father until they see that he is willing to change his lifestyle.

Justice tested positive for HIV on September 26, 2007. He was later placed on anti-retroviral medications. Though he developed at a slower pace than the other infants we had at the same time, with lots of good nutrition and care, Justice grew and gained in strength and health. He underwent eye surgery a few years ago to correct a condition of crossed eyes but he has had no problems with his eyes since then.

Justice has a very dynamic personality. He can make anyone smile with the funny things he says and does. Justice may be a bit small for his age, but he has a big beautiful smile that blesses everyone here. Justice is now ten years old, very healthy and attends a private Primary School in Moshi. Justice is a very active boy who loves to play soccer and ride bikes. When he is not in school, you will find Justice outside on the TOA soccer field kicking a ball around or on a bicycle.


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