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Birthday: May 27

Justina was brought to Treasures of Africa after the death of her mother. Her father, who is HIV positive, was unable to care for her. She was only one year old at the time of her arrival at Treasures of Africa. Two years after Justina was admitted to the home, she was reunited with her half-sisters Lucy and Catherine who also came to live at Treasures of Africa. Justina is very happy to be with her sisters.

Today Justina is a very happy 11 year old who has a beautiful smile and a dynamic personality. She loves animals and we call her the "cat whisperer" because she can literally "call the cats" and they follow her. She dreams of being a Veterinarian one day.

Justina is a bright child and is doing well in Primary School. She attends a Private School that is taught in English and she speaks both English and Swahili fluently. Justina loves to read and can be found reading at almost any hour of the day or evening.

Even though Justina's life started out with much heartache and difficulty, we know that the Lord has good plans for the future of this precious child.


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