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Birthday: April 27

Lucy arrived at the Treasures of Africa Children’s Home with her older sister Catherine to be reunited with their younger sister, Justina, who had already been living in our home for 2 years. Lucy was 5 years old at the time. Her mother had died and her father, who is HIV positive, was becoming too ill to care for her.

She quickly adjusted to life at the orphanage and seemed very happy and grateful to be with her little sister again and to be in a place where she could receive much needed love and attention.

Today, Lucy is a joyful little 13 year old girl who loves to giggle and have fun. She has a very sweet and affectionate spirit. She also loves to sing.

Lucy currently attends a Private Primary School in Moshi which is taught in English. She is bilingual in English and Swahili.She is doing well.

By becoming Lucy’s sponsor — you are making an investment in a precious life and changing her personal history from tragedy to one filled with hope for the future!


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