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Birthday: May 14

Magdalena came to Treasures of Africa at the age of 5. Her father had never been a part of her life. After her mother died of cancer when she was just 6 months old, Magdalena was living with her great-grandmother in a mud and stick home, sleeping on the dirt floor. They had very little food to eat and it appeared that Magdalena was very neglected. She had a widowed aunt who was trying to take care of her and her great - grandmother but her aunt had seven children of her own and no money. The welfare department decided it was best to place Magdalena in an orphanage.

Today, Maggie is a very happy 15 year old. She is currently attending an all-girls High School called Joyland Girls Secondary School. She is a good student. Maggie has a sweet personality and can rarely be found without a smile on her face. We believe she will be very successful in her life and a blessing to many.


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