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Birthday: November 17

Mary is a very sweet girl with a tragic past. Her father was murdered by thieves who broke into their home when she was 6 years old. The following year her mother became very ill and died within a few days of suspected heart problems. Mary then went to live with her grandmother, whose health was declining so much that Mary soon had to fill the role of the caregiver. She would often to do the cooking and cleaning and miss going to school in order to help her grandmother.

Her situation was discovered by a local pastor and brought to the attention of the government welfare authorities. She was brought to Treasures of Africa when she was 7 years old along with her 9 year old sister Sifaeli. They were the very first “Treasures” to move into the orphanage when it opened in March of 2007.

Mary has always shown a strong desire to study and has consistently done well in school. At TOA, we have always stressed the importance of having a life goal and encouraged the children that they could become great leaders for the nation with God’s help. Mary took this very seriously and has repeatedly stated her goal is to become the President of Tanzania.

One day, an official at Mary’s school told her that her school record showed only two names (first and last) and she must give them a third name for their files. She quickly responded by giving them the name “Migiro” to use as her middle name, though this was not a family or given name. When she got home, she told the TOA Asst Director about the incident. He asked her why she gave them the name “Migiro” to use in her records. Her answer was quite profound and demonstrates the determination of this young lady to become a leader in her nation.

Mary explained that recently in school her class had learned about a Tanzanian woman named Asha-Rose Mtengeti Migiro. She was serving (at that time) as the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, second only to Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General. She was the first person from the nation of Tanzania to ever hold that important post. She decided that if she was going to be a leader then she would take the name of the highest ranking female leader from Tanzania that she knew about. What impressed Mary most about this woman was her boldness, confidence and ambition. As Mary put it, “She sets an example of a Tanzanian woman who jumped outside the borders of the box most Tanzanian women live in.”

Learning about this woman and her accomplishments kindled a fire even brighter in Mary’s heart. She has determined to live her life believing that nothing is impossible if she remains focused and trusting that God has a plan for her to accomplish great things in life.

Mary is currently in an Advanced Secondary School studying the sciences in preparation for attendance at a University. SHe has decided to pursue medicine as her career choice. She hopes to have the opportunity to study in a University in the United States before returning to Tanzania to serve her nation.


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