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Birthday: July 8

Raymond came to Treasures of Africa at the age of 6. He was an only child and both of his parents had died from AIDS within a few months of each other. Despite the tremendous loss he had experienced, he seemed genuinely happy and relieved to be taken into a safe and loving home at TOA, with lots of other children and loving staff parents.

Ray enjoys playing playing the drums on the worship team at church, but also has a very tender heart and is often seen giving brotherly care to the younger children here at TOA. He has always been an excellent student and wants to become an engineer.

Ray graduated from Secondary School and will be entering an Advanced Secondary School in a few months. Advanced Secondary is equivalent to 12th grade in the USA and prepares the student to enter University when completed.

Where would Raymond be if he had never come to live at Treasures of Africa? Most orphanages in Tanzania release the children after they complete Primary School or pass 12 years of age. So the chance that Ray would be preparing to enter Advanced Secondary School right now is almost nil. By God's grace and the generosity of donors to HWC Ministries - Ray's story has truly been changed from tragedy to triumph!



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