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Birthday: June 11

In a small town in Tanzania that borders its northern neighbor Kenya, a tiny baby was born. The little girl was premature and the mother was ill. She died of a heart attack shortly after giving birth. The baby stayed in the hospital for two months, gaining strength. But the man known to be her father was a drunkard, and unfit to take care of a premature infant, who had no mother to nurse her.

When the hospital had done everything they could do, and no one came to claim the motherless child, the government Welfare officials were contacted. The only orphanage in the area was already filled to capacity and refused to take another baby. So the Welfare officers looked further south.

At Treasures of Africa we had one more spot available for a baby. We knew that this little one needed a loving home and a second chance at life. Her name is Rose and she really is a precious flower in God’s garden! Though this beautiful child appears to have contracted an illness from the mother at birth, we are trusting God for her healing.

When she came to Treasures of Africa on August 18th, 2017 she was two months old and yet she was smaller than our little baby Hope - who was only two weeks old at the time! But she is now thriving with the loving care she is receiving at TOA.

Baby Rose does not yet have a child sponsor. Please consider becoming a child sponsor for this beautiful little flower named Rose.


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