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Birthday: April 12

Sabetina (called Tina) is the sister of TOA residents Antoni and Emanueli. They had the same mother but different fathers. Their mother died when Tina was just 3 years old. Tina’s alcoholic father had another wife besides Tina’s mother and this woman refused to allow Tina to live in their home. So she came to live at Treasures of Africa with her two brothers.

Tina’s adjustment to her new life at the children’s home was rough at first. She was shy and afraid of her new environment but soon realized that she was loved and well cared for so she began to be more comfortable. Over the last few years her personality has blossomed and she has become more outgoing and free.

Tina has a very gentle spirit and loves babies and always helps out with the younger children. Because she has been living at TOA since she was 3 years old and participating in our in-house Preschool program, she was very well prepared to begin Primary School when she turned 6. Though she was attending an overcrowded local government school with classrooms of more than 60 children per class, she still managed to score in the top 10 of her class. Last year we were able to move her to a smaller Private School because of a donation that helped pay her year’s school fees. She was very happy there and achieved well.

We are hoping to be able to continue keeping Tina in a Private School where the instruction is given in English as this will prepare her for Secondary School where the students are required to speak only English. Tina is a delight to us and we thank God for her sweet spirit.


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