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Birthday: April 19

Samweli’s mother passed away when he was only 4 years old. His father had abandoned him when he was a baby. He and his 6 year old sister and his 12 year old aunt ended up living with their elderly great grandmother who was unable to give them proper care. Because of their living situation and the fact that they were all orphaned, the three children were brought to Treasures of Africa Children’s Home.

Sam is not only active physically – he is a child whose mind is always active and he is constantly thinking up clever things to do. He loves to learn and is an excellent student. He is almost always in the top of his class, and is the best English speaker of all the children at TOA. He was so determined to speak good English that he requested that he be given an English-Swahili dictionary so he could look up the words he did not understand.

Because of his academic achievements and his English language skills, we sought to take Sam out of the overcrowded government school and place him into an English medium Private School. He was successful in the English Primary School and now attends a top Secondary School called Livingstone Boys Seminary where he has just begun his third year.

He has dreams of one day becoming a pilot. We believe with continued love and nurturing here at Treasures of Africa, the Lord will do great things in Samweli’s life. Your decision to sponsor him will help his dreams take flight!


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