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Birthday: June 10

A young mother in Tanzania used to beg for food from a lady who owned a small vegetable stand in the market. The vegetable seller had pity on the woman and her infant boy and would often give her food. One day the young mother told the vegetable seller that she needed to go somewhere for a few hours and asked if she could watch the baby. The woman had compassion on the child and agreed. Hours passed and when night fell, the young mother had not returned. The business owner took the child home with her overnight and when morning came, she took the baby to the government Welfare office and explained the situation. It was obvious that young mother had planned to abandon the baby, but was concerned enough about the child to leave the medical card which documented his visits to the hospital including the child’s date of birth. That is how we came to know this little boy’s name and age. He was called Shadrack and he was 13 months old.

Maybe she was a single mother with no money and no extended family to help her. All we do know is that she left her child in the care of the one person who had shown her compassion. We are grateful for the sake of the child, that the mother didn't leave him abandoned in a field or other place where he could have potentially been harmed.

Like his Biblical namesake, Shadrak has come out of the “fire” and is now in a place of safety and peace. He came to live at Treasures on July 25, 2016. He is now 2 1/2 years old and he is so active. He loves to run everywhere rather than walk. He has an amazingly outgoing personality.

Like all of the children at Treasures, we are praying for a "Forever Family" for him. But until that family steps forward, we will surround him with faith and love, believing God for a great future for him.

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