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Birthday: September 27

Witness came to Treasures of Africa when she was just 6 years old, along with her 4 year old brother Samweli and her 12 year old aunt, Margaret. Her father had abandoned the family when she was very young. Her mother died from AIDS and she and her brother were living with their grandmother in very poor conditions. Their grandmother was unable to give them the care they needed. They were placed at TOA by the local welfare department.

Witness has become a beautiful young lady with a winning smile. She has a sweet spirit and is always concerned for and watching out for the younger children. She is a hard worker and a good student. She currently attends a private school called Joyland Girls Secondary School, which is well-respected for its academic standards.

Witness desires to attend Advanced Secondary and then on to University to study medicine.

Her life is truly like her name, a witness of the love and grace of God.


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