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Birthday: July 11

If ever a child was aptly named – 10 year old Zoe – whose name comes from the Greek word meaning “life” – is that child. Bubbly, energetic and always on the move – this little girl exudes life with her winning smile and the mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Abandoned at the hospital by her mother shortly after birth, Zoe arrived at Treasures of Africa as a newborn infant. With no name and no clothes, she was quickly showered with loving care and given a name by our staff that was prophetic of the personality she would soon display.

Zoe is athletic and loves to play outside and can often be seen scaling to the top of the playground equipment with the agility of a gymnast. She also loves to sing and will often boldly lead out in song during the children’s evening devotions. Her dynamic personality makes her a natural leader. She is as close as natural sisters could ever be – with Diamond and Maria – who have been together with Zoe at TOA since infancy.

Zoe is bright and has excelled in school. She loves to read and we feel confident that she will be successful in her academic career. She is fluent in English and Swahili. Zoe truly is just like her name - full of life!

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