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Birthday: October 11

Sifa was the first (along with her sister Mary) of the “treasures” who came to live at Treasures of Africa Children’s Home back in March of 2007 when the doors first opened. Sifaeli’s father had abandoned her when she was very young and her mother remarried. Sifa was living with her mother, step-father and siblings. Tragically, one day thieves broke into their home and murdered Sifaeli’s step-father.

The following year, Sifa’s mother suddenly became ill and died after a few days, from what was thought to be heart problems. Sifa and her sister began living with an elderly grandmother, but she soon became unable to properly care for them. A Pastor in the village who was familiar with their desperate situation contacted Treasures of Africa. After approval was gained from the Welfare authorities, Sifa and Mary moved in as the first residents of TOA Children’s Home.

Sifa was quiet and withdrawn when she first came to live at TOA. She was very sad due to the circumstances of her life. The TOA staff began to pray for her and pour the love of God into her, as well as to take care of her physical and educational needs. Today, Sifa is very happy and knows she is loved by God and her TOA family. Sifa has become a beautiful young lady inside and out. She loves to serve and help others here at home and at church.

Sifa achieved a milestone in her life by graduating from Secondary School, the first in her family. She is currently attending college in the city of Arusha, studying Community Development.

Because of the commitment of Treasures of Africa Children’s Home to raise up godly leaders for the nation of Tanzania – we desire to continue to provide for Sifa’s advanced education and provide a home for her until she completes that education. With your help – we can assist Sifa to see her dreams come true and change her story from one of tragedy to triumph.


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